You know when you’re in the car with your kids and you can’t agree on the music? Yeah.We all have good intentions. We know what music our children like, more or less. So for the little ones, I put “their” songs on the MP3 player. And when we’re in the car with me, they complain.Here’s my solution: even though I could make the playlist in about ten minutes flat, when I do it with my kids, we’re able to sample new songs (to see if they are agreeable) and then they feel like they have created something. It’s totally worth the time invested on the front end.We use Rhapsody, which is a music subscription service. This means that I don’t own the music, but I have access to over (something like) 5 million songs. It’s plenty. They even have story-teller tracks — a favorite is Mark Binder.It’s like I always say: do the heavy lifting up front and cruise later. (theoretically)