Yes, I’m in the middle of the worst, most stressful kind of travel.  In 2 days, I’m going to drive to Boise, Idaho from Los Angeles, where I live now.  And then I will live in Boise, Idaho.  Luckily, my mom will bring the kids on a plane, after we arrive.

So, why am I writing a blog?  Shouldn’t I be busy packing?  Aren’t there a million little things to do before I leave?

Yes, of course.  What I’m doing now is called procrastination.  It feels really good and really bad, all at the same time.  The anxiety is still hovering, about 2 feet behind my head, but right now, I’m busy being creative.  Writing my blog.

OK, gotta go and pack a few more boxes.


Here’s a tech tip:  load up your iPod/iPhone before you take a road trip.  There are tons of free podcasts on iTunes that can keep the time moving very quickly, so you’re not subject to local radio in say, Fallon, Nevada.  (Interesting tip: Fallon is exactly half way between Boise and Los Angeles.)

OK, I’m really going now.  (Be back in an hour?)