Motherhood The Musical for MomsFrom the mom in a sexy red convertible who “took a wrong turn down Sesame Street” and ended up driving a minivan, to the Costco Queen atop her throne of Kirkland toilet paper, to the mom who child-proofed her house but, for some reason, the kids keep getting back in, “Motherhood: The Musical” is a rip-roaring good time.

At least it was for those of us who have labored and delivered, then endeavored to raise a child without completely losing ourselves in the process.

The men in the audience simply did not relate, although author Sue Fabisch insists that men will laugh just as hard as women. The woman sitting next to me asked to borrow a tissue because she, too, was laughing so hard she was crying. But a handful of women who attended the opening night performance at the Royal George Theater in Chicago were strangely silent. I can only surmise that those women must be childless.

Because if you have had a child, how can you not relate to songs about having the “I can’t lose the baby weight blues?” Or the bittersweet thought of the kids finally being grown and gone? Or wanting to go on strike and not do another load of laundry, cook another meal or scrub another toilet?

Motherhood The Musical On StrikeMotherhood: The Musical Will be Around as Long as Moms

There is a lot of great theater in Chicago but I don’t always get out to see the shows because I have trouble staying awake long enough. But this Chicago premiere is mom-friendly in every way, including this one. It runs for 90 minutes without an intermission. We were out and on our way home by 9:30.

This 90-minute wonder about the upsides, downsides, backsides and smells of motherhood is a fun, funny, light-hearted night out. For a taste of the upbeat songs and talented cast (Melody Betts, Madeline Duffy-Feins, Kimberly Vanbiesbrouck and my favorite, Jennifer Chada), download this song, “The Kids are Finally Asleep.” It’s free.

If you happen to be pregnant and are expected to deliver between now and May 13, you can see the show for free, too. But if it’s your first pregnancy, I’m not sure you’ll sufficiently appreciate the humor. Like Amy, the ready-to-deliver-her-first-child central character of the show, you may not see the humor in songs about what happens to your mammaries or why you should “get drugs” during the delivery.

You might do better to wait until you’ve spent some time “dirty hiney wiping.” Don’t worry. I predict, this show will have many encore performances. As long as there are kids and mothers, “Motherhood: The Musical” will find an audience. Just bring your best girlfriend and leave hubby at home.

Cindy Richards is the editor of and mom of two terrific teens who also writes the Suitcase Packin’ Mama travel blog for