PalmdesertmomgetawayAs a working mom of 2 boys is hard to find time for ourselves, even though is very much needed, so unless we make it a priority like we do with everything else we do, but us, we’ll never find time for us.

A couple of months ago, I did it, I arranged a weekend without kids or husband, only girls, my sisters.

We chose Palm Desert in California, which is 120 miles from my home in San Diego, California, 1 ½ to 2 hours driving. We chose this place because we wanted to drive but not for a long time, we were looking for a place to relax in the pool, have a nice dinner, do some shopping and maybe dancing (although I can’t show those pictures, ups!)

Palm Desert is 15 minutes away from Palm Springs, which I don’t recommend you go. It’s old, dirty and there’s nothing to see or look. On the contrary Palm Desert is the perfect place for a weekend, or week trip, with family or friends. There are plenty of hotels from inexpensive to very expensive; we stayed at the Marriot Esmeralda at Indian Wells.

The location was very convenient, less than 15 minutes away from El Paseo Shopping District, “Palm Desert’s Rodeo Drive” where you can cruise, shop and eat at the best restaurants, and if you’re worried about not being able to drink because you have to drive back to your hotel, do what we did, take a taxi, which it was less than $15.

But since images speak louder than words, here’s a video of my weekend getaway with my sisters, my best friends actually, hopefully the images will inspire you Moms to plan a trip for you!


Tania Luviano is an Emmy-award-winning journalist and host. She’s also the founder of, a Vlog for Today’s Latina Mom.