twitterjournalA savvy bunch of moms offered tips for successful road trips at the July 12 TravelingMom Monday Twitter Party, sponsored by Midas.  These moms are hitting the road with their families, their tech toys and their hand sanitizer and they are ready for unexpected curves in the road.

Q1 – When & to where was your last roadtrip?

@amberlou24 My last road trip was to Evansville Indiana =) Love the food and shopping ventures there..oh and IMAX!

@adendyut Cincinnati in February


@prendalestelle I just drove from Scottsdale, AZ to Sac, CA last month! With a one year old at that!

@kimorlando I’m still on it – in FL

Q2 – Share your favorite Road Trip memory.

@asmithonline My mom and I camped across the northern US going to a reunion through the miss. flood, it was so much fun!

@ramblingstump Last summer VT to OH w/ stops at Niagara & PA. Getting to bring back Verner’s gingerale to last a whole year!

@MyMidasGuy My best roadtrip memory is traveling with my entire family to Disney World when I was younger. Will always be a special memory

@SMLCFH My best roadtrip memory is with hubby and the kiddos to Florida before he was deployed

Q3 – If you could take any Road Trip, where would you go?

@prendalestelle We would def do the entire states. Esp. the changing seasons in east coast.

@rsj2000mrs I would take my kids across country to show them where I am from – Oregon 🙂 I want to so badly :{

@sleatham1 we’d love to travel Route 66 cross country!

Q4 – What is your best Road Trip tip?

@Mental_Clutter keep the munchies on the healthy side ~ avoid sugar crashes & cranky kids

@sweetone624 Always stop to rest, never drive tired

@Lunachique Bring ginger products to stave off carsickness

Q5 – What songs are on your ideal Road Trip Playlist?

@dad1111 vacation by the go gos shiny happy people rem rock lobster b52’s most upbeat mariah carey

@conqui25 anything to stay awake

@scm74 Wiggles, KidzBop… Wait, I get to pick the music?!?!?!

Q6 – What song will your family sing along to in the car?

@Goin2Carolina anything, we sing at the top of our lungs…fun!

@SMLCFH They will sing along to anything Disney! lol I…will not!

Q7 – What songs do you like to crank up when you’re driving alone?

@StressFreeBaby I have to sing out loud to Margaritaville…but I yell the words bc I’m not a very good singer

@sweetone624 anything I know the words to or can make up the words to…….lol

@ramblingstump Eye of the Tiger- someday I will beat my tween cousin on the Wii. I just need practice.

Q8 – Which songs do your kids HATE that you play on road trips?

@scm74 Almost any “grownup” music

@kimorlando Anything that I sing along to! Yes, I am tone deaf. It’s bad

Q9 – Who takes care of the car maintenance in your house?

Most responders said the husband, but a couple said they did it and the best answer:

@rsj2000mrs Hubby tries…but usually mechanic. 🙂

Q10 – What do you pack for a successful Road Trip?

@AidensCross I bring my Kindle to keep me entertained while I’m not driving…and my Droid, gotta have Twitter/FB access!

@Mental_Clutter Successful Road trip supply: ear plugs

@rsj2000mrs Don’t forget the first aid kit and wipes!

@LuxuryTravelMom for a successful road trip I pack a babysitter

Q11 – Have you ever had your car break down while on a Road Trip? What happened?

@judy511 clutch died on bklyn br

@travelingmoms I’m so embarrassed to confess this, but we ran out of oil just 20 miles from home in a mountain pass- completely trashed our engine

Q12 – If you win the $100 Midas coupon, what service would you use it for?

@CleverGayle Looking at my car brakes – they are squeaking

@My2CentsFL for a tune up! 140,000 mi on my van and in need of one!

Q13 – What are your safety concerns when it comes to Road Tripping?

@justicecw Make sure the kids are PROPERLY restrained in the car seat, booster or seat belts

@AidensCross no texting/tweeting/FBing and driving!

@pluslily NO SCREAMING KIDS!!!

Q14 – What are your best Road Trip safety tips?

@simplydab: Spend the night in a hotel if you need to – it’s cheaper than a ticket, hospital stay or funeral.

@sethandshannon1 my dad had a rule if we couldn’t change oil and tires we couldn’t drive

@econwriter5 Don’t drive at night.

Q15 – What is in your car’s emergency kit?

@Leighbra My mom keeps copies of her contact info/insurance stuff in her trunk kit. In a wreck your glove box can be useless

@CindyRichards My road trip emergency kit: flashlight, blanket, jumper cables and hubby

@LuxuryTravelMom I still have my Y2K “the world is going to end” survive for 3 days while running from doom emergency kit in my car

@LongIslandMomx2 ??Don’t forget if you use something make sure to replace it!!

@Mental_Clutter of course the jumper cables are in hubby’s car for when he comes & saves me from myself :o)

Q16 – TEST YOUR KNOWLEGE: Should you turn the heater on or off if your car overheats?

@Leighbra Turn OFF the A/C, & turn ON the heater, it’ll pull heat off the engine

@travelingmoms ON is right! You’re all so road trip savvy!