KathieandAmanda-FancifulFoxLadiesSome women would prefer to be as far away from their mothers as possible when they get older, but for others, being with their moms is a not only enjoyable, but a business affair.

My mom was a stay-at-home mom whose job was to raise her children. She made sure we received a quality education and encouraged us to get good jobs and give back. When I started my fair trade business, she helped me as much as she could, even though she didn’t know how to use a computer and couldn’t help me with a business plan. What she DOES know, though, is visual merchandising and has an eye for design. Together, we work well. Honestly, I couldn’t run World Shoppe without her. When orders come in, she’s often the one pulling them together. She helps me with my trade show booths. I bounce ideas off of her and she provides me with her own. We don’t always agree, but, then again, you need those who disagree with you to grow your business.

TheFancifulFoxStorefrontAs I talk to people, I realize how much our moms really mean to us – especially those of us who run businesses. Kathie Fox runs The Fanciful Fox with her daughter Amanda (shown here in their shop in downtown Scranton, Pennsylvania). Kathie and Amanda concoct all sorts of plant- based bath and body products for all skin types in the shop which are elegantly displayed among other eco-friendly and fair trade products.

My friend Kate Robertson, owner of Mayu, an alpaca wool accessory company that works with artisans in Peru, often counts on her mother to help with customer orders, among many other hats she wears. Just this weekend, when we had lunch together, we talked about how indispensible our mothers are to us and our businesses.


I can only hope that one day my daughter and I are this close when she gets older. A mother-daughter bond is really pretty special.

Is your mother an important part of your life or business? If so, share your story! I’d love to hear it!

-Megy Karydes, Founder

World Shoppe

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