2000siennaName: Susan Whitehead

Our Family Car: 2000 Toyota Sienna

Number of Kids: FIVE!!

Geographic Region: Eastern NC


Ages: Mom: 34, Dad: 35, Kids: 10, 8, 5, 3, 4 months

Thing I love most about my car: It’s SO dependable and drives very well.

Thing I hate most about my car: The brakes SQUEAL!

If I could change one thing about my car it would be: I’d make it bigger

What we call the car: The van

I don’t leave home without: A diaper bag and cell phone

Longest road trip with kids: 3 day drive from San Antonio to NC

Favorite driving music when alone: ALONE?? Usually just about anything loud!

Favorite driving music with kids in the car: Go Fish or Classical

Worst car moment: Accidentally backing into a ditch not 100 yards from our house and getting stuck. Had a kind farmer come by and helped me get out, but I had to hang on the outside of the car by the luggage rack (standing on the running boards) to be a counter weight so the back tires were on the ground. All with 4 kids inside. :o)

Car snack of choice: Hmmm…pretzel rods

Last car before kids: Honda Accord

Most embarrassing thing you have ever done in a car: Nothing…seriously. :o)

Weirdest item in the family car right now: Probably something my kids left and I am not aware of…yet.

Drive thru dining? (Yes or No): YES

Funniest fight between your kids was: probably them saying “Don’t see me”

Oldest food item found in car: We recently found a Gerber Sweet Potato puff under a car seat from *blushing* 2006. ewww

My next car will be: Probably a Suburban, but maybe a Toyota that fits 8. Don’t know yet!

Susan Whitehead is a mommy driver and the owner of Custom Internet Marketing Solutions for small business owners.