Name: Michelle Cowan

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Location:Florida, USA
Our Family Car: 2002 Mazda MPV
Number of Kids: 2
Ages: 5 & 3

Thing I love most about my car:The automatic sliding doors


What we call the car:
I call it “The Bus” as in,”Hurry up, The Bus is leaving right now”

I don’t leave home without:

Longest road trip with kids:
Orlando, Florida to Charleston, South Carolina

Favorite driving music when alone:
80’s radio

Favorite driving music with kids in the car:
Jimmy Buffet (or as my 3 year old says:  Jimmy Buffalo), the Cars Soundtrack

Worst car moment:
Dead battery at 8:00 at night after coming out of a restaurant.  Husband left the lights on, just for the record.

Car snack of choice:

Last car before kids:
Nissan Altima

Weirdest item in the family car right now:
A pile of vacuum-resistant glitter from a school project brought home several months ago.

Drive thru dining?:
Sort of.  We use the drive-thru, but I make them wait until we get home to eat.

Funniest backseat fight between your kids was:
Whether the words to the Laurie Berkner song are “Drive Your Truck” (yes) or “Drag Your Troll” (uh, no)

Oldest food item found in car:
Petrified raisins

My next car will really be a:
Vehicle with a sensor that tells me who actually started the backseat fight.  Oh, and something with a DVD player would be nice.

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