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Name: Shani Gilchrist

Our Family Car: 2003 Mercedes ML320

Number of Kids: 1 *Ages: 18 months

Geographic Region: Southeast

Thing I love most about my car:  It’s a toss up between the unprecedented number of cup holders for a German car and the super-tight turn radius.

Thing I hate most about my car: No automatic lift gate

What we call the car: “The Truck” (boring, I know)

I don’t leave home without: My iPod, BlackBerry, and my son’s “ball ball” (I think he’s destined to be a jock!)

Longest road trip with kids: 9 hours

Favorite driving music when alone: Wyclef, Regina Spektor, Jaymay

Favorite driving music with kids in the car: Jack Johnson, Lisa Loeb, Will Smith

Worst car moment: Driving 45 minutes to my parent’s house with a sore throat and a screaming baby who was using his hand, cheek and forehead as Kleenex… just to find that they weren’t there and I had to do it for 45 more minutes all the way back.

Car snack of choice: My son- Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies. Me- Tall 4-pump caramel latte.

Most embarrassing thing you have ever done in a car: Pumped breast milk with my Medela Pump-In-Style... while driving.

Weirdest item in the family car right now: A stick of deodorant in the center cup console

My next car will really be a: Realistically- A Honda Odyssey. Hopefully- Mercedes GL320 CDI.

Welcome to Shani, our newest Car and Caboodle writer. Shani will be bringing us the latest family friendly car gizmos, gadgets and decor with her "Pimp my Ride" posts