Dodge Caravan Family

by Teresa Fernandez

As a mother of four girls, I some times feel like I spend all day on the road. Taking the kids to and from school and running errands is just the half of it. Fortunately I love my Dodge Grand Caravan.

Great Entertainment Package
My day starts early, but it’s after breakfast is over, the two oldest are on the bus, and my "to do list" is written, that my day of driving begins. Loading the baby in her infant seat into the van is easy as I don’t have to stoop down, and the size of sliding door gives me plenty of space to get the carrier into and out of the van without banging it about. My four-year-old joyously "calls for" the remote as she has no one older to contest with. Having a DVD player in the vehicle is wonderful and the six disc changer gives the kids a variety without the annoyance of having to insert disc after disc. It is especially nice when we make the long trek to the grandparents only having to swap out the DVDs once, instead of the 10 times it used to take. Also, when I get tired of listening to cheesy cartoon dialog and dreamy princess love songs, the wireless headphones affords me the luxury of alternative rock while the kids are still pleasantly entertained.


A Full Row in the Dodge Caravan

Rolling with Remote Doors and Tailgate
Once we arrive at
the grocery store the sliding door locks are handy to assure that my
little one doesn’t dart into the parking lot without my hand. The
trunk, with its cargo well allows ample room to cart the stroller
everywhere I go and still have plenty space for two weeks worth
groceries for a family of six. The remote doors and tailgate makes
loading and unloading quicker so I can get on to my next errand. After
unloading the groceries at home and a quick bite to eat, it’s back in
the van to take Number 3 to preschool. Finally the baby and I are alone
to do some birthday shopping without the prying eyes of a
four-year-old-gossip. The new table saw for dad easily slides into the
back once the 3rd row seating is stowed neatly into the floor.

Attention to Dent Detail
school is out and upon picking up the three girls, it’s off to the
library to exchange our plethora of books and DVDs. The tight parking
is no match for the sliding doors and it’s a wonderful feeling knowing
that the excited girls won’t dent either of the cars next to us as they
charge out of the vehicle. On our way home from the library my brother
calls and asks if I can help him move to a new apartment.

Dodge Caravan Sliding Doors

Never Again without Stow-N-Go
the kids have eaten dinner and been tucked into bed, I head out the
door once again. With the car seats abandoned and the 2nd and 3rd row
seating stowed, it takes us only two trips to move a roomful of stuff
to his new apartment. We manage to load the dresser and TV in the back,
along with a multitude of other single-guy stuff. On the second trip we
tether the full size box spring to the ski rack and stuff the mattress
in the back along with the rest of his possessions and voila, he’s

Driving Cross Country
On the way home I start
mentally planning the trip we’ll take up North to see the grandparents
in a couple weeks. I’m no stranger to the fourteen hour drive we make
several times a year to escape the city to enjoy the leisure of my
parents’ farm. We have plenty of storage in the wells under the
stow-n-go seating and in the trunk for our two week vacation. We’ll
need the baby’s port-a-crib and the girls’ snow clothes, our skis . . .
When we bought the van, I chuckled about having heated seats in
Phoenix, but they’ve come in handy more than once in the cold Idaho

This stigma of the dreaded minivan is long lost on the
utility and luxury of space and functionality designed for this
on-the-go-mother-of-four. I love my van!!

Teresa Fernandez resides in Phoenix, AZ with her husband, Ryan, President of Boon Inc,
and their four girls – Mercedez-7, Hunter-5, Boston-4, and Willow-2
months. She enjoys fraternizing with her laptop, the delectable medley
of sushi cuisine, and the great escape into a captivating novel.