GMC Acadia

I knew when I got pregnant with Luke that the two-row car was out. It was time for the lovely family car. We all cringe when we hear "family car" because it usually means minivan with crumbs and kid paraphernalia all over. I had to find a better solution. I was excited to hear of several new, smaller SUVs that had a third row, so I decided to check them out. Unfortunately, I found that the third row usually means there is trunk that converts into a space where very small children can squeeze into as long as they have very short legs. Another big issue is that the kids would need to move or fold down a seat in order to climb in. I know my girls didn’t have the strength required to move the seat and I would be stuck with the task every time we got in the car, in addition to getting baby Luke in his car seat.

Audi Option
I really fell in love with the Audi Q7 because it is beautiful and it offers captain chairs, creating a path for getting to the third row without moving anything. I tried so hard to make it work, but once we fit the family and gear in we couldn’t even go grocery shopping.

Please NOT a Minivan!
So, it looked like I could have a huge gas guzzler or a minivan. I checked into the large SUVs to see how much gas they really guzzle…I wasn’t about to drive a van! If only VW would remake the bus, vans could be cool again.


My husband (Mr. Mom) looked into a minivan with all the bells and
whistles. I have to admit…inside they are so practical that they can
be somewhat tempting, but then you get out. So I continued to resist.
The SUV shopping was not going well. Beast! I had to make the Audi work
Kids Love GMC's Acadia

Saved by GMC
Then I found it, the Acadia by GMC. It isn’t
as big as a house. It has a good looking body, and the interior rocks!
I love the two huge sun roofs that really open it up. It has captain
chairs, a third row, a real trunk, nice design elements, and a perfect
black and tan ratio! It has all the bells and whistles of the best
family vans, only it isn’t a van! The test drive was the clincher; it
drives like large car. I want another one now that I will get to drive!
You know, “his and hers.” I never thought I would be a GMC fan.

Rebecca Finell is the designer/co-founder of Boon and lives in Phoenix with her husband and three kids – Ryann-6, Vivian-5, and new baby boy Luke at 7 months.

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