Leash1Nowadays, parenting is an endless war: Co-sleeping Vs separate beds. Epidural Vs natural childbirth. Breast-feeding Vs formula. The list is endless. So what about this whole leash war? Non-leash moms say that leashes should belong on a dog, not a human. Others say that a leash can allow a child to continue to be curious and explore their independence without allowing them to be in danger. Which, as a traveling mom, could turn out to be very beneficial (i.e.: theme parks, airports, etc).

Before having kids, whenever I would see someone in public with their little one on a leash, the first thought that crossed my mind was: that is just so despicable and mean. I wondered how anyone could ever do that to his or her child. Before having kids, I judged parents a lot. I had every clue how my kid was going to act and how I would discipline him/her and so on and so on.LeashLion

So here goes – I’m going to pour my heart out here and fess up. I bought my first leash a couple weeks ago and had no embarrassment whatsoever when I made the purchase. However, I just cannot find myself to use it yet. I premeditated buying it, even slept on it to make sure I really wanted to buy it. When I woke up the next morning, I ran to Wal-Mart to buy the lion backpack leash thing and didn’t think twice about it. But when it came time when would have been a perfect time to use the leash … I couldn’t do it. Guilt swept over me like a tornado in Kansas and I stopped dead in my tracks.

I’m not the first person to buy a leash though.

Melissa Joan Hart bought one for her son Mason and is contemplating using it as well. Sometimes I feel like I’m being karmally (yes, I did just invent that word) punished for judging parents who used leashes on their children. My son HATES to be restrained – but he is the busiest and fastest toddler I’ve ever seen. He’s like Superman on Ritalin but faster.

“Good Morning America” did a story about the whole leash thing last year and some people they talked to said there’s never a good reason to leash your kid. I don’t necessarily agree with that. I think for some parents in some situations it may be the best answer. I’ve just figured out though, that it’s not the answer for me.

I never could bring myself to actually put my toddler on the leash and I don’t think I ever will.  But I know one thing is for sure … I will never again roll my eyes at parents who do. Toddlers are reckless, unpredictable, and fast as heck! If putting a leash on your child gives him/her a feeling of independence without putting him/herself in danger, by all means, leash that baby! While I won’t be leashing my son, you have my vote for leashing yours!

What are your thoughts on leash for little ones? Please NO JUDGING! I simply want to know whether or not you’ve used a leash and the pros and cons you’ve find by using one.


Photo Credit: Momedy-Central Blog

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