I finally took a few “ME” minutes to checkout the latest on travelingmom.com and daydream about where I would like to take my son on our next great family adventure. I am thinking….snow!!!  Maybe Colorado, Wyoming or maybe to see my old school friend and her family in Connecticutt, where they also have snow. I am motivated by the photos on the website and then nostalgia set in…..

I recalled the visit with my girlfriend, KO, in September of 2007, the weekend of our 25th class reunion. As I reflected on how we shared so many memories, made a few new ones and discussed so much in our short time together, it occured to me how much we have in common, even though we are so different. There are many common denominators, like, (obviously, we are both girls), who went to the same school together, at the same time and know many of the same people, etc… But more importantly, we are both moms and sharing that experience bears a value only a mother recognizes.

Thanks so much, my friend, for putting so much of your spirit into travelingmom.com. You continue to inspire me year after year as we both grow older and better. I will never look at a chocolate pie again without thinking fondly of you. If you ever see money floating in the air you can remember me on Broadway, catching bills as they floated by. It is so much easier to smile when you are surrounded by beauty and happiness. Thanks for reminding me that being a mom doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun. You just have to make time for it sometimes.   Always your friend, SK