I am sitting here flipping thru pix of our family trip to Costa Rica, staring at a photo of our condo at Villas Tranquilas and it is screaming “You Missed It!” at me.I didn’t miss the boat.  I missed the balcony.I have always wanted a bedroom balcony.  My fantasy includes sipping a leisurely cup of coffee in a comfy chair with a laptop nearby in case some ideas needed to be recorded.  My fantasy isn’t even all that picky about the view.  I just wanted a balcony that I could sit on after I rolled out of bed.  In Costa Rica, our condo bedroom had a huge balcony – with a gorgeous view of the forest, the pool, everything. I had access to my fantasy for 6 days!  And I never took advantage of it.  It’s not like I forgot or didn’t have time.  It was never on my radar.  I am shocked by that.  I really thought I needed that balcony.Note:  next family vacation must include 30 minutes of balcony coffee time.