memoriesHello everyone!  My name is Connie and I am a new blogger here at Traveling mom.  I’ve always known I loved to travel but I hadn’t really thought about why.  So I sat down and tried to define what traveling means to me.  What I came to realize is this:  I am passionate about traveling because it bonds my family.  I think making memories is important and there is nothing like a vacation to build fun lasting memories. 
Look at the picture I chose for this post.  Can you feel the laughter?  I can.  Everytime I look at this picture I remember our trip to Disneyland.  I remember my now 8 year old when she was little.  And I remember how much laughter we had on this trip.  When my daughter looks at this picture she remembers that her Daddy loves her!
That is why I love traveling and why I am so excited to be here blogging about traveling memories.  Along the way, I will be showing you great places to visit, travel tips and unique ideas to keep the memories alive at home.  I hope you’ll join me on this exciting journey and make some memories of your own.  I can also be found at Measured by the Heart, On Facebook and Twitter.  I’m looking forward to getting to know you all.