Quint System treatmentTo understand the difference between conventional treatment and holistic Quint treatment, consider my normal routine with Hasimotos disease. I am given a blood test, then see the results, then take medicine, then take another blood test, then adjust the medicine…etc.

With the holistic Quint system, Maria Harmony Gratia Bruchmann, CEO of the Institute for Holistic Medicine, did a complete analysis via her computer method in electro-acupuncture.

I was asked to hold in each hand some magnetic wands. Since all organs of the body are energetically interconnected, this device can map out my entire bodies strengths and weaknesses. The system tests a number of acupuncture points in the body.

“The method then defines the vector of the disease by using a mathematical concept to guaranteed harmonize the energetic system of the patient,” she says.

Using the Chinese elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) it points to what area has to be treated most. The system also pinpoints what blockages in your body need to be corrected, such as scar blockage, blockages due to heavy metals, hormonal blockages such as cortisone shots, inherent toxins, trace elements, etc…

Diagnosing What’s Wrong

This analysis took about a half hour, with Maria entering information in as she tested several point in my body. The system is largely on Quantum physics. Since my mother, father and sister also had cancer Maria checked for that as well.

The conclusion: I’m not a candidate for the big C (which runs in my family). Instead, my body being off kilter stems more from my liver, which needs the work (6 cycles) and not the thyroid, which was why I wasn’t responding to the meds.

Once I was diagnosed, the treatment could begin. It was easy. I was told I had to remove all jewelry, and just relax. Then she handed me two magnets to hold.

I fell asleep. An hour later, I woke up refreshed. I did that once a day for five days. The whole treatment–just holding the magnets and relaxing followed by a regimen of vitamins–was so easy that I felt great and ready to handle my whirlwind tour of Austria.

Making strudel in AustriaDrinking Flower Water

During my visit, we drank flower water. I never had flower water before but loved its mild sweet taste. Since I didn’t know one could drink flowers, Maria explained the benefits: “Flowers have medicinal values, their healing powers lie in their ability to promote specific moods and emotions. Flower water cures certain physical conditions. You can externally and internally use essential flower water fresh or dried flowers to heal your body and mind.”

And I thought flowers were just there to look at and smell nice. I could tell I was going to learn a lot of lifelong practices on this trip.

First stop: Graz, Austria