Hotel-bathroom1Now before you think I must be nuts, I am about to share with you a little secret about myself. I’m obsessed with hotel bathrooms. And I’m not talking about the hotel bathrooms you see at your run of the mill Motel 6 locations – actually I’m kind of grossed out by those places. Oh no. I purposely love to stay at some of the most luxurious hotels in the U.S. and sometimes abroad just so I can see what they’ve done to the bathroom.

Let’s start with one of my favorite resorts of all time – the Ritz Carlton Resort in Montego Bay. Check out this bathroom and you’ll start getting a feel for what I love. I live for marble tiles. And the Ritz always knows how to select the right color tiles to make you feel like you’re in the lap of luxury. Oh…and let’s not forget the amazing bathrobes and slippers you get during your hotel stay. Sure you can’t take it with you (unless of course you pay for it) but having a few days at the Ritz and feeling like a VIP is reason enough to book a stay at the Jamaica location.

Incidentally, the Ritz Carlton Battery Park is also one of my favorites. Part of the reason is that a few years back, I worked on the finale campaign for “Everybody Loves Raymond” and the entire cast was booked at that hotel and the experience was amazing! From the interviews we set up for the cast outdoors overlooking the city, to the finale screening party where we transformed a ballroom into a living room, to those gorgeous bathrooms, I was in heaven. Once again, the Ritz is wall to wall marble tile. Plus, the showers have rain heads and massage jets – which I actually incorporated into my master bathroom suite remodel later that summer which you can read about in my new book, See Mom Run.

Now for my final favorite hotel bathroom of all time, all you need to do is hit the Peninsula Hotel in Chicago. Why, do you ask? Simple. Because their bathrooms have flat screen TV’s above the bathtubs! And when you are as sick as a dog (like I was the night I flew in with Patricia Heaton for an appearance the next day on “Oprah”), the only thing that got me through the night was a fabulous soak in the Peninsula tub!


But seriously folks – when it comes to great design ideas – all you need to do is check into your nearest top of the line hotel (or visit a friend who happens to be staying at a five star resort) and start picking up some fabulous tips along the way. From basket weave tiles, to sink bowls that rest on concrete countertops, to seamless glass shower doors, rain heads, a marble shelf in the shower where you can easily shave your legs; a mirror that amplifies every pore in your skin and of course those comfy robes, there is nothing that quite compares to spending a night at a swanky hotel.

Once you’ve had your fill of the bathrooms and are on the lookout for great resorts for your family, there are some fabulous options for you in Miami and the Dominican Republic – just do me a favor – if you book a stay at one of these places, please take copious notes on the bathrooms and report back your results! You never know when I might be ready for a bathroom remodel.