TSA_screeningIf you have family holiday plans that include flying somewhere for Thanksgiving, brace yourself. It could be a long day at the airport.

The day before Thanksgiving is traditionally the busiest travel day of the year as far flung families head home for the holiday. To complicate things further this year, TSA is rolling out its Backscatter technology–those full body x-ray scanners and that has some folks all worked up. They’re encouraging travelers to refuse to walk through the scanners and ask instead for a full body pat-down. They’re trying to make a point and you’ll pay the price, in even longer lines at security.

I understand there are some concerns about the xray technology, particularly with small children. So if you’re a parent who is worried, by all means, opt for the pat down. But first think about explaining to your child why someone other than Mom, Dad and Dr. are touching him in certain places.

DecliciousBaby.com has some good adviceon how to help keep your child calm during the process. A key: stay calm yourself.

Safe travels and happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Let us know how it goes, will you?