I like to think of my diaper bag as an instrument kit. It’s not just a place to stash all the accoutrements of baby-momdom, the diaper, the wipes, the bottles and the balms. It’s the only thing standing between me and an impending poo disaster. When I need a wipey, I need that wipey STAT! When I say pass the infant tylenol I don’t mean I will be happy to stand around with a teething baby while my spouse digs, gives up and then offers to run out to the pharmacy to buy a new bottle rather than brave that mess again.

Fortunately there are like minded moms out there and one of them invented the Maelee diaper bag. It’s not just organized. It’s UBER organized. The bag actually comes with stickers to custom label all the compartments. Stickers make me soooo happy.

Here’s the other thing that makes me happy. These bags are attractive. They come in fabric and yummy leather combos that have looks that rival the high end brand name handbags on the market. Chloe anyone?


Check out Maelee diaper bags at www.maeleebaby.com where they will run you from $185 to $255.[PSGallery=74b7flsxb]