The sun is shining, the leaves are budding on the trees and spring is in the air. While many of us begin thinking about spring cleaning our houses, it’s also a good time to consider cleaning your luggage.


Clean and Sanitize Your Suitcase
Think of all the germs and bacteria your suitcase encounters. From the luggage compartment in the airplane to the baggage claim carousel – not to mention the handling by strangers – your suitcase takes a beating. Hard-sided shell suitcases can be wiped down with a sanitizing wipe or with a cloth and soapy water. For fabric suitcases, test a small, inconspicuous spot first before wiping it with any material.

Wipe Handles and Wheels
Handles, wheels and zippers should be wiped down upon returning home. Use a sanitizing wipe or soap and water to wipe off any germs or bacteria that may have collected. Also consider wiping the bottom of the suitcase, where it might have rested on the floor.

Clean out the Inside
Cleaning luggage shouldn’t be limited to the outside. Open up your suitcase and take everything out of the main compartment, as well as the side pockets. Sort through the contents and toss anything you haven’t used in the past couple of trips, as well as expired medications, gum wrappers, ragged business cards, and all the shower caps and shoe polish rags you’ve accumulated. Trust me, it will make unpacking easier next time.

Next, vacuum out the inside to pick up any sand, grit or other small particles that might be trapped inside.

If you store frequently used items in your suitcase, such as earplugs or a makeup or toiletries bag, now would also be a good time to replenish it. Fill up bottles of shampoo, wash and replace combs and brushes, and restock items.

Spring clean your luggage so that it’s refreshed and ready for your next business trip.

Teresa J. Shaw writes as Business TravelingMom. Find her online at www.TeresaJShaw.com or follow her on Twitter.