We headed out for a girls’ weekend to Minneapolis. (Sorry, Nana you should be here with us.) I’ve been up since 5:30 this morning and have been through 3 airports, experienced some pretty intense in-flight turbulence and have now ended the day at America’s largest indoor water park—the Water Park of America. Since it is conveniently adjacent to our hotel, my daughter and I hoofed it up 10 flights of stairs to experience the family-style raft water slide.

I must admit to being less than thrilled with the thought of going to a water park. You should know I’ve got a little PTSD when it comes to water parks. As I climbed those 10 flights of stairs, the water park trauma of my youth replayed in my head.I was nineteen and living in Dallas, Texas when I nearly drowned going down one of those long enclosed death tubes. You know the kind of water tubes that shoot people out like Olympian’s on a luge run. I never signed up for the Olympics. I had no luge training. There was no luge! Instead, I was instructed to lie down on my back and trust that hundreds of gallons of rushing water would shoot my body through the coffin-like tube and spit me out at the other end into the large pool. They said I’d be safe. Everyone else looked fine. I had no real fear or trepidations about it; yet on that fateful day in my youth, I swallowed and choked down half the water in the tube. The other half of the water was in my lungs. I would love to say that I shot out of the tube like an Olympian who had just set another world record for speed—victorious in all my glory. Such was not the case, I emerged a stupid teenager, retching water from my stomach through my nose and mouth while completely topless. I vowed never to go back to another water park. Then I had kids.This time my top stayed on and I didn’t swallow a drop of water. I’m proud to say that neither did my daughter. We did however both scream most of the way down. It was a great ride and I was happy to share it with my daughter. The rest of our water time was spent in the lazy river and the wave pool. I’m happy to report that I’ve finally gotten over my fear of water parks thanks to my fearless daughter.