LilyWell, here we are about six or more months down the line with our new little girl, Lily Marie Donahue. In my last article I left off where we had just arrived home with her after our eight hour trek round trip to pick her up. And let me tell you, she was and still is one package and a half to handle.

Imagine bringing a little creature into your home who knows nothing about potty training, regular meal times, sleeping hours, and the list goes on. It’s been an interesting adventure, to say the least, but I will still say and will always say that it is always worth the time, money and effort. To see this little girl’s face grow from frightened and confused to loving warmth and actual little doggie smiles is worth every inch of trial and tribulation.

Introducing Lily and Jojo


When we left you, we were just bringing her into our home. Yes, that very same place where JoJo is Prince and rules the roost and barks all the rules and regs to every individual who dares to enter.

We did, in fact, have a session with him and his animal communicator who instructed us on the very special and intricate moves and guidelines to bringing her into his realm of ownership. Lo and behold, everything she told use worked like a charm and I never saw him act so sweet and cautious and caring when this new entity entered his space. He totally understood where she came from and how vacant she was about everything in the Universe. He was the Prince of Princes and we are very, very proud of him.

I have attached a picture of Lily in her Easter finest. As you can see, she has acclimated herself very well to her new life and new lifestyle, if I do say so myself. She struts and prances in her dresses like she were on the Puppy Runway or the Canine Red Carpet.

Lily Goes Swimming

One funny incident. The weather here in the Midwest is finally giving us some decent days and our pool has been opened and we all have access, even our silly ducks who we keep chasing every hour on the hour. (If you don’t keep them away, one must deal with lots and lots o’ duck poop in your pool.) But JoJo is always on Duck Patrol so when we hear them, he barks to go out and chase them.

Well, one day, here they come. I opened the door, let him out as he ran to the pool deck to chase them away. Little Lily was right behind him and apparently thought that that big blue round thing that she saw was a really big blue floor and proceeded to take a dash right across it and kerplunk! Right into the water! None of us even gave it a thought that a “pool” might be a new concept to her. What a funny sight as I’m standing there waving my arms and screaming while hubby just walks up, leans over and pulls her right out of the water. Duh! AND, she can swim. But I’m a good screamer anyway.

Anyhoo, things are working well with all of us and she is an absolute delight. My only closing comment would be, rescue all those little pups and burn down all those puppy mills, throw the owners in jail and let them sit in a cage for about ten years. See how they like it!

Next article will be very, very soon and I will give you loads and loads of info on new travel spots for you and Fido. Hope you enjoy Lily and her Easter outfit.

And remember, just say Arf!