From Miss Mota Mouth this week comes a shocking revelation that we find especially crushing…

Which cars are getting crushed?
Some cars are squeaky clean, have leather seats, full navigation systems, V6’s or V8 engines with far less than 30,000 miles on them. They still have that new car smell and in some cases, will still have bits of protective film covering the interior parts. For the most part they could never be considered damaged except for the odd scratch or ding that comes from brushing against the car or pulling a suitcase out of the trunk.

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From Travels With Children comes some great advice about finding a hotel room for larger families:

Finding a room that will accommodate a family of six is no small task.  Here are some places where we’ve had good stays

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Popular automotive writer Michael Banovsky shared his idealized version of the recently unveiled Nissan Cube with his Twitter followers this week.