Globe-trotting with your kiddos is not only a great way to educate and enlighten them, it can also be uniquely entertaining!  If you know where to look, there is some serious kid-friendly fun to be had across the map.  Why keep your children in the backyard when the world can be their playground?

Europe’s Longest Slide:

Pradaschier in Churwalden, Switzerland


 Imagine your family zipping past cozy chalets and grazing cows at 25 mph through the Swiss Alps!  Taking this tobogan ride will earn you bragging rights to the longest slide in Europe (just shy of 2 miles long), which is exactly what my husband was seeking when we hopped in our car and headed on a gorgeous drive across Switzerland a few years ago.  We arrived around noon on a typical sunny Swiss day and snapped photos of the spectacular view as the cable car hauled us up the mountainside.


Then it was back down, on the raised track (making it ridable both summer and winter) and while hubs had a blast flying around the hairpin turns, I was grateful for a brake that gave me speed control and the huge safety nets on either side.

 Photo courtesy of Panoramio


The Middle East’s Biggest Sandbox:

The Arabian desert, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Dubai ( one of the most spectacular vacation destinations in the world) sits at the edge of the Arabian desert – perfect for a kid with a shovel, a bucket and a dream.  But if your family is ready for a little more adventure than just burying eachother in the sand, you can strap on a board and hit the slopes!

photo courtesy of Moon Shadow 4wd tours


It’s called Sandboarding.  According to participants, it’s the only way to experience the magnificence of the Arabian.  And while seriously stellar snow riders will probably look cooler doing it, beginners and kiddos are welcome – even if it means sliding down on your seat (like the cute family pictured above!)


South America’s Largest Swimming Pool:

San Alfonso Del Mar, Algarrobo, Chile


What kiddo doesn’t love to splash?  I’m dying to ditch our paddling pool for a more exotic swim in 20 acres of crystal blue salt water at the San Alfonso Del Mar resort.  Set on Chile’s southern coast and not far from Santiago, this world-record breaking pool boasts all sorts of fun water sports, private beaches, and even an underwater aquarium cafe.

Photo courtesy of LA Times


A state-of-the-art system filters incoming sea water until it’s sparkling clear and keeps the temp. a constant 26 C degrees, making it cleaner, warmer and safer than the beach it borders.   So clean, in fact, that you can see straight to the bottom of the 115 foot deep end!


So don’t sit home waiting for your tiny ones to grow!  Adventure together, foster the travel bug young, and let the world be your playground.