I can trace my first desire to exercise back to when I was 8 years old and my family of five, plus my Grandma plus my cousin Jill took a cross-country road trip from Ohio to Yellowstone National Park. It was hot, August, I thin. We piled into our Country Squire staion wagon, remember? the one with the wood paneling sides?Do the math. Seven people riding in a car designed to comfortably seat five. We didn’t need airbags. We were our own airbags. As far a pecking order my twin sister and I got jammed into the way back.Back then, the A/C was not designed to cool rear-seated passengers so I clearly recall driving through the AUgust heat, specifically in Kansas. My sister had enjoyed a big bowl of All-Bran and , well you can just inagine how certain strong smells might contribute towards the sense of a perfect storm fo leg cramps during a road trip. It is my earliest memory of having the urge to get out and RUN.I also remember the leg twitches that made me so miserable about 4 hours into each stretch of long driving.I now know this as Restless Leg Syndrome.The body is so smart. Even without an actual brain, my leg muscles knew they were trapped in a Not-funny version of the Chevy Chase movie”Vacation” and they responded to this limitation of movement by creating small discharges of electrical impulses called twitches.There is a similar twitch I sometimes feel in my muscles. When I am falling asleet I sometimes am awakened by twitches. These mini-movements are also electrical discharges of the muscle but they differ in nature. These are related to relaxation as opposed to Restless leg Syndrome which is a mercy call for movement.If you suffer from jumpy legs, I have a solution for you. If you know that you will be in a confined position for a lengthy amount of time (to hours or more) you need to GET SOME EXERCISE EARLIER IN THE DAY OF YOUR TRAVEL.By fatiguing the muscles, you will be discharging any extra energy that might be raring to go.Not to mention the side benefit of being able to tolerate to a greater degree, stillness on a mental level.I’ve been known to get up at 4:30am on a travel day and ride my stationary bike for 30 minutes in preparation for a long day of travel. Try it next time you travel and see if it doesn’t help