As much as I love travling with my tinys, I must admit there are times where I genuinely need to “get-away” – from the phone, laundry, carpools, and yes – the kiddos.  Our little ones came quite close together  – so close, in fact, that I have been changing diapers for 5 1/2 years now without a break in sight.  Luckily, my husband has made a study of the meanings behind my tone of voice and eyebrow furrows.  He can sense when I’m about to blow and always seems say “Honey, let’s go away for the weekend” just in the nic of time.


 We’ve been all over the world together, acting as our own tour guides and exploring each new city as eachother’s only familiar face.  On our adventures we’ve gotten lost together, gotten attacked together and nearly gotten arrested together (it was just a small misunderstanding.)  We’ve show eachother our very favorite places and discovered new ones.  We’ve seen the truly spectacular, the charmingly peculiar and even the torturously nauseating nooks and crannies of the earth. 

And while I may hold his hand out of habit when we cross a busy street, he doesn’t need his food cut up, nose wiped, or dipaer changed – not yet, anyways.  Which means that when I’m with him, just him, I get to be me, just me.   Each time we go, no matter how far or near, I come back rejuvinated, ready to change a million diapers or more.



As a Traveling Mom, I want to literaly give my children the world.  But I’ve come to realize that I have to periodically take the time to be “just me”, so that I can be all the other things they need me to be.