While many people head to the White Mountains of New Hampshire for rest, relaxation and a chance to witness a breathtaking display of trees ablaze in autumn glory, some head to New Hampshire to learn to drive. And I mean drive, baby.I spent a day developing mad driving skillz at the Team O’Neil Rally school in Dalton, New Hampshire as part of a Subaru press junket last fall. Rumor has it this driving school gets plenty of business from the government.Though a safe driver, I have been accused of driving like a granny. And when my husband is in the front passenger seat, he makes liberal use of his imaginary emergency brake. You know, like the driving instructor from your teenage years had “just in case,” except that his brake exists only in his mind.Tim O’Neil spent the morning talking to my group in the classroom about skids, line breaking, apexes, target fixation, oversteering, understeering, evasive maneuvers and more. Then we headed outside to drive (shiny new Subarus, natch).After the instructor demonstrated a given technique with me in the passenger seat, we traded spots and I took him for a spin, literally. My first technique was skid control. Check my video, filmed from the passenger seat. Be warned it’s not for those prone to carsickness.From there we moved on to a slalom course, sudden breaking and evasive maneuvers. Granny habits be gone!At the end of the day no one told me I was ready to lead a motorcade with my new skills, but I learned new safe driving techniques and had a blast in the process. Er, given that the O’Neil School also trains military personnel, like those expected to head convoys in war zones, perhaps it’s best to simply say I had fun while learning new things.