Traveling with kids and keeping them adequately entertained can be a challenge. Since my kids were little, we’ve had two bins wedged between their seats in the mini-van. One held all those little gizmos you get in happy meals as well as crayons and paper for early artistic endeavors. The other held books so we all could enjoy some quiet time. My favorites to include were those little board books – nice and sturdy, easy enough for small hands to handle, and resistant to the juice box spills that occurred frequently.I just finished reviewing a couple of books that are great for young traveling readers, whether taking a day trip in the car or boarding an airplane for a trip across the country.  Let’s Get Read for Kindergarten! and Let’s Get Ready for First Grade!, written by Linda Desimowich and Stacey Kannenberg, contain pages of age-appropriate learning, conveyed with such bright, friendly colors and easy-to-read lettering that they’re sure to hold the attention of young ones during many trips.Let’s Get Ready for Kindergarten! focuses on such basic learning principles as upper case and lower case alphabet letters, simple words and sounds, colors, shapes, numbers, opposites, seasons, and parts of the body. However, what I really liked were the activities the child could do by themselves or through conversation with the adult driver. For example, “Let’s Read a Story” asks if the child can identify the beginning, middle, and end of the story, using the visual clues provided.Let’s Get Ready for First Grade! advances the learning by focusing on vowels and consonents, word families, prefixes and suffixes, compound words, punctuation, counting, simple addition and subtraction, even the solar system. Like its counterpart, the book features “Let’s Read a Story,” but this time asks slightly more advanced questions about the characters and plot that begin to build critical thinking schools and literacy.These softcover books are easy for young ones to handle and perfect for traveling with kids. What I especially liked was that the entire book is laminated, meaning it can be spilled on, held onto with sticky fingers, be splattered with a dollap of dripping ketchup, and thrown up over and simply be wiped clean and ready for the next round of reading. The books are also lightweight and flexible, making packing in a tote bag or suitcase extra easy.Perhaps the best endorsement came from my 10-year-old daughter, who saw the books sitting near my computer and started to read through them. Although too old for the contents, she remarked about what a great idea the books were and that the subject matter was perfect for those age groups. Basically she summarized her critique in one word – “sick” – which in pre-teen talk I’ve learned means “really, really cool.”For each book purchased 10% of profit is donated to charitable organizations. If you’re interested in purchasing the books and more information, visit Cedar Valley Publishing.