yorkieOkay, short and to the point.  One day I got a bee in my bonnet that I wanted to rescue another little forgotten soul.  Jumped on to the United Yorkie Rescue.org website and lo.  There before me, right here in Illinois, were four lil darlins’ that had just been rescued from a horrific puppy mill in Missouri.

God Bless all those wonderful peeps who troll the nation looking for these dungeons of disaster that purport to be “breeding facilities.”  The horrors that exist within the confines of these crapholes are beyond your own human comprehension.  Minimal food and water, cages piled high with feces, wire floors in the cages, no hygiene or medical care whatsoever and the females are forced to procreate at such a high speed of proliferation at such an early age I don’t believe they even have a sense that they are anything other than breed cows.  No love, no human touch, no kind or loving words, no sunlight . . . NOTHING!

It was bad enough getting over the traumas that my poor little JoJo had to endure during his experience.  At least he had been purchased and spent his earlier years with a family and had insight into the world of humanism.  Not so with our newest adoptee.  Again, long story short, it didn’t matter what my husband had to say and he knows that with me when it comes to little helpless creatures such as these.  So he just jumped on the bandwagon and has become my partner in salvation.

Heading to Peoria to Pick Up Lily
I had a three-day class reunion this one week-end where I was Chairman of the entire force of committees.  That Monday, after three days of intense activity, hubs and I drove four hours to Peoria, Illinois and back the same day to get our newest baby.  Her name was Lily.  Which was one of the reasons I was so drawn to her because JoJo’s mate in his book was named Lily.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Anyhoo, drove all the way home with this little ball of tremors in my lap.  Her eyes were filled with terror and confusion.  She seemed to be weeping most of the way home, but I held her tightly and petted her for four hours straight.  Her terror seemed to subside as she took a very deep breath, let go of a huge sigh, and seemed to nest into my arms as though she knew that now, everything was going to be different and with a little luck, very, very fine.  Because she had to have the entire right side of her teeth removed due to deterioration and lack of good food and proper hygiene, her little tongue hung outside her mouth and just hung there as though it were looking for the next resting spot.  There would be none in there because there was no place left in her mouth to rest, ergo, it just kept slipping out and hanging there.

About 12 hours later, we arrived home and pulled into the garage.  There began an extraordinary journey for all of us, Mom, Dad, JoJo and his new sister, Lily.  My next chapter will give you some insight into how we were able to  bring JoJo and Lily together since he absolutely hated other dogs and especially in our house.  Pet Communicator, here we come.  And Lily’s indoctrination to life “on the outside” is a heartwrenching tale filled with hope, laughter and lots of surprises!  Stay tuned and see you next time.

And remember, just say Arf!