I’m a major fan of Land’s End luggage and now, bathing suits.  And I would be even if they didn’t give me the products free to try them out.

First, Land’s End luggage. My wheeled duffle is the ONLY bag that survived our family vacation to Europe last year. One bag broke in half. Another brand new bag (from Target) ripped a hole in the canvas. Another lost its wheels. But not the Land’s End bag. It made it through unscathed, along with this little 6-inch by 6-inch bag that unfolds into a full-size duffle that is perfect for packing the dirty laundry at the end of the trip.

I put that wheeled duffle bag through its paces and it finally developed a little tear along one seam. When I called the company about it, I got the best news ever: Land’s End’s policy is to replace any damaged bag. Forever.  If they have the bag in stock, they send out a replacement. If they don’t, they credit your account with the most recent price of the bag and apply it to the purchase of a new bag.

We couldn’t find the exact name of the bag I had that ripped.  I could have shipped it to them (at their expense) so that they could deal with it there but there was no time.  I needed a replacement asap.  My first replacement was a cool 22″ carry-on wheeled duffle that held way more than I ever imagined but I still needed a larger duffle like the one that ripped.  The second replacement was a match – the 30″ Medium Lighthouse Duffle.  Problem solved.  The PR contact at Land’s End encouraged me to keep the 22″ duffle and try it out.  When I discovered that luggage fees were $20+ per bag on Delta, I agreed.  Wait til you see what I packed in this bag!

Now, the bathing suit. I was bummed because I left my Miraclesuit swimsuit hanging on the back of the door of my cabin on a Disney cruise last summer.  I love Miraclesuits because they hold in your stomach and whatever else you’ve got going on (or hanging out as the case may be).  I was whining to a friend about not getting my Miraclesuit back from my Disney cabin steward and she recommended I try the Land’s End slender suits.  I said, “No. Forget it. Catalogs lie. Those suits never fit right and they never hold anything in.”

The Land’s End PR contact caught wind of my resistance and sent me a Grecian Vneck Slender Swimsuit.  Now I’m a convert.  This suit works just as well as my $100 miracle suit and it the price for my Land’s End suit was $60 on sale. And, yes, I would actually buy one.  It holds me in in all the right places, has enough butt coverage and it washes well.