When my family books our family vacations, we often find that holiday weekends are more expensive and offer much less value than other times of the year.  Therefore, on holiday, 3-day weekends, such as this one, we feel a little left out with all of the vacationing going on.

This Labor Day, we looked for some fun, staycation type things to do in our own community.  With the luck of some beautiful weather, we were able to plan an almost exclusive outdoor day – visiting a local farm/apple orchard to pick our own fruit (we chose raspberries), and visit the petting zoo.  We bypassed the farm closer to our house that charges a premium to pick fruit, instead choosing one that’s a 30 minute drive, but offers a super-low price for pick your own fruit.  The farm we visited also offers $1 hay rides and fresh made cider donuts, pies, and cider.  Sometimes, we find that we don’t need to travel far to enjoy time as a family – often there’s some wonderful hidden gems to visit right in our very own backyard.