As the worlds fastest talking female I get a lot of emails out of the blue requesting crazy things. I was contacted by an LA production company to shoot a fast talking comedy video in the streets of New York City. On Wed May 20th, a shooter (That’s cameraman in Lay terms) named Bret was assigned to me and we went loose on Bryant park. We met some interesting characters. Most were willing to be part of it after I told them who I was, only one woman said, “I don’t like surprises.” She got upset with me ordering food fast. After the shoot, I had to go to the bathroom, and that’s when I discovered it…one of the cleanest public bathrooms in New York City. So if you are a tourist here, or even a New Yorker and need to relieve yourself…this is the place to go. I put the clip up, hopefully it works, and the clip of the behind the scenes shoot can be seen below. The complete edited videos will air later this year on various channels like Bravo. Travel Adventure Mom NYC bathroom recommendation.

{qtube vid:=CjyNyK8QO7k}