disney-world-parade-fairiesDid you ever feel like the kids are in charge when it comes to deciding where the family will vacation? Maybe that’s because they do. Or least they do according to new survey released Tuesday at Walt Disney World. The results didn’t surprise me. After all, families are really busy these days and it’s tough to find time to be together. Most of us can’t even spare 30 minutes to eat dinner together as a family.

It only makes sense then that we want to spend our vacations together doing things everyone enjoys.

That’s why cruises and theme parks (two Disney specialties) are such popular options for families and kids. The survey of kids found that 83 percent of them want to vacation at Walt Disney World, 52 percent want to visit Disneyland and 77 percent want to take a cruise.

Cruise ships are particularly good for families with children of varying ages. Because everyone is contained in a relatively small space so slightly older kids can be more independent (going to a movie, getting their own snacks and sodas, spending time at the pool) while younger ones stay with Mom and Dad.

Theme parks are a little more problematic. Even some of the Magic Kingdom rides aimed at little ones can be scary for timid children. And I would never let a tween wander off on his or her own at a crowded theme park.