imagesMy oldest daughter’s first complete sentence was “F%&K! where are my keys. Good thing she never said this on an airplane – she could have been taken off the flight.*

I have certainly dropped the f-bomb in public, though I stopped cursing around my kids when my daughter learned to curse. But still kids pick up swear words and they somehow know to use them at inappropriate times. Like on family vacations.

Nora, my youngest, had this adorable little lisp. She couldn’t say ‘tr,’ substituting the letter ‘f’.  Tree was free, and truck was, well..

She would get particularly excited when the fire trucks from the station down the street raced by. “ Fire trucks” she’d try to scream. Her sisters, who are 5 and 6 years older, would collapse in giggles, which only made her repeat the word.

When Nora was 3, we were flying to California, and she kept saying ‘truck’ over and over. Passengers around us were giving us the fish-eye, so I told her she had to stop saying that. With impeccable timing, she paused, then shouted ‘how about trucking? Can I say that?”

Reader, we were shunned.

Have you cursed out loud when your flight was delayed? Have your kids?

* I note with home-town pride that he is from Brooklyn.