Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming swimming… I think all of us that have kids have had that mantra in our heads at one time or another. Finding Nemo was the feel good hit that took Disney-Pixar films to an unforgettable level and truly elevated our expectations of children’s movies forever. I can barely contain my excitement in thinking of our trip to the theater since Disney-Pixar has released the trailer for the new movie: Finding Dory!

Finding Nemo

Photo Credit: Flickr / Ben Popik

Finding Dory: The Sequel

Do you remember the first time you watched Finding Nemo? The 2003 film was so popular for all ages — I was a senior in high school and remember watching it with my friends, with no one under 16 in the room. Clearly, the bar had been raised by the Disney-Pixar Studios like never before. They were entertaining all ages with a computer animated clownfish!

Have you ventured to Finding Nemo the Musical while at Disney? There is also the exciting opportunity of staying at a hotel  in Orlando which features insider experiences regarding the art animation of Disney studios. Seeing a clownfish at an aquarium will never be the same for those that were touched by the original film, which expressed heart-warming triumph in the face of adversity and being courageous and steadfast in your goals.

Disney Art Animation Resort

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Finding Dory, from the looks of the trailer, will be about Dory’s backstory, which we can all admit we’ve been illustrating in our minds since meeting the little blue fish over ten years ago. We’re betting that we’ll find reason to leave our rural home and perhaps travel to a “big city” (not unlike Nemo’s adventures from his anemone to Sydney, Australia) to find an IMAX or Omnimax experience. I can only imagine how vivid the reefs and waters will be in this feature film.

Are you squealing with excitement? I’ve watched the trailer at least five times now, simply because I adore the under-the-sea experience! Will you travel to have a true EXPERIENCE (3-D, jumbo screen, etc.) while viewing Finding Dory? You have some time to plan, as it hits theaters in the US on June 17th, 2016.