While on my recent business trip, I was pleasantly surprised to not feel disconnected from my family. Sure, I was miles away in a different state, but I was able to feel a lot closer to them, thanks to some well timed text messages and cell phone photos. My husband, sweet man that he is, would surprise me at odd times during the day with a quick snap he had taken of one of the kids playing or doing something silly, and would send it to me so that when I picked up my phone during a dull point of the meeting I could have a quick taste of home.

For any traveling parent, this can be a lifesaver. I still missed them all, of course, but at least I felt like I was still somewhat connected. Of course, the tens of cell phone calls we made back and forth helped with that, too – speaker phone is an excellent way to connect back with the kids.

For my next trip, I am hoping to use Skype to connect with the husband and kids back at home. How do you stay connected to your family when traveling without them?