As I was traveling the hills and hollows of my home town community, getting donations for the St. Baldricks Foundation Fundraiser, I thought about what my son was going to do.  He was going to have his head shaved in honor of children who have cancer by raising money for the St. Baldricks Foundation Fundraiser at the Campbellsville University in our town.  This is the largest non profit orginzation that raises money for cancer research in children. 

Volunteers can either donate their time in collecting donations, donating, shaving participants heads, or like Jay, shave their heads.  Shaving ones head in tribute to those who loose their hair during cancer treatments is the over all largest sacrifice the fundraiser supports.  What a noble thing to do but then my son is a noble person.  He works in the local hospital as a nurse in the emergency room.  It takes a special person to be a nurse and Jay is no exception.  He really cares about all his patients and treats them so caring and kind. Every home I stopped at gave what they could for this noble cause and for Jay to get his hair shaved off.

Shaving ones head isnt a very outragous tribute.  But when Jay decided to do it to honor children with cancer it made a sympbolic imprint of how it could be like to loose his hair because of cancer treatments.  All be it a very small look into the lives of a cancer patient, it is still a very meaningful, and epithany like experience according to my son.

First of all, Jay had a choice to loose his hair or not, cancer patients however do not.  Secondly, his hair will grow back evenly, and quickly soon after the shave, but cancer patients sometimes have drastic changes in their hair when and if it grows back.  A straight haired blonde person could end up with curly brown hair, and again, IF it grows back, and when. One thing that really has caused Jay to sit and think, is when he catchs his appearance in a mirror, glass door, or when he forgets and gos to put his fingers through his hair.  Its not there, and he closely resemble that of a cancer patient during treatment stage.  He has noticed that people look at him a little different.  Because he doesn’t look the same as he did, he doesn’t have all of the same physical features one would once use to describe him. Did he loose a part of me today? Is he  a less of a person than he was just some 24 hours ago?  Of course not, and thats the way he thinks cancer patients want to be treated. They are the same person they always were. Just because they may look different does not mean they are different.

Jay feels sure that cancer patients like to feel that nothings different with them after they are diagnosed.  And that cancer patients sometimes like to get lost in the thoughts of who they were before, and that there really isnt anything wrong with them, even if they feel good.  But its a physical change,  a change that sometimes can be used to identify who they are that reminds them they are now different than they once were.  Like Jimmy V once said during his very popular speech during the ESPY awards.

’Cancer can take away all my physical ability. It cannot touch my mind; it cannot touch my heart; and it cannot touch my soul. And those three things are going to carry on forever.’
-jimmy v

Jay can truely emphathize with sick and hurt people no matter what cause they may have had  get to where they are, He is a nurse, thats what he does.  But from now own thanks to this experience he believe that he can talk to cancer patients with a warm, and understanding heart that he for a few weeks had a glimpse of one small fraction of what they go through.
He is proud to say that this community where he lives, In three weeks raised over $50,000. dollars to help with cancer research in children.   Our town may be small but in a insignificant state, at a bad time economically, but we all pulled through.  Once again, thanks to all those who donated your prayers, thoughts, and/or money.  It hasnt gone unnoticed.

Does Jay think he is a better nurse because of this? of course.  Is he a better man?  he says “you betcha”!  Is he going to do this again next year?  most definetely..(if his hair grows back)… And finally, will our society someday have a cure for cancer?  thanks to everyones prayers, donations, hard work , and involvement.. He KNOWs we will..

Jay also has requested for everyone to please continue to pray for all the small children who has cancer no matter what form.  Pray for their families, friends, and the doctors and nurses treating them.

So next year when this time rolls around, I will once again be out in the hills and hollows of my rural Kentucky community collecting donations for this noble cause for the children that have this awful disease. So when you see me coming give what you can and if you can’t give, please offer up a prayer for all these beautiful children and for my son to get his head shaved.

What do you think?  If you don’t like it just tell me and I will forget it….hahaha…