What is my favorite thing to do in Costa Rica? I can give you a long list! But, I’ll narrow it down: Going to the local Farmer’s Market every weekend! I’ve lived here for six years, and it never gets old!


 Costa Rica is different than most Latin American countries: it doesn’t have the colorful, boisterous, trinket filled markets or markets full of jewelry. But it does have the weekend Ferias (Farmer’s Market).  Each little town has its own version on either Saturday or Sunday morning. It can be one block long or half a mile long, depending on the population. I live in a relatively large town, so every Sunday morning the entire main street, by the Church, is booming with all pick ups full of vegetables and fruits that will delight any chef!But you know what’s the best part… The prices are dirt cheap. I mean, to the point when I wonder how do they earn anything at all:1 pound of fresh, red, plump tomatoes – 25 cents1 pound of carrots – 30 cents1 pound of cucumbers – 50 centsBut that’s not all you can get here: fresh orange juice, carrot juice, sugar cane water and coconuts!TravelingMom.comAnd, I’ll let you in on a huge secret, if you come towards closing time – noon – they’ll lower the prices even more!So when visiting you have got to check them out.Marina K. Villatoro lives in Costa Rica and loves to help people out with their travel plans. Her site Travel Experta is all about Traveling and Living in Central America.