sarah-palin200Sarah Palin is a traveling mom extraordinaire. She’s been everywhere this week promoting her new book, “Going Rogue,” which hit bookstores Tuesday. But is she a good mom? Or a good grandmom?

In the midst of hawking her book, she is trashing Levi Johnston, the father of her grandchild, and I keep thinking about that child.  Is there no adult around to suggest that they might all regret the mud slinging one day?  Just consider the child’s future mental well being.

When Sarah Palin was campaigning I remember hoping that she would not embarrass herself and women in general.  And now I learn that she did not tell her kids she was running with John McCain; she had one of her advisors do it.

I know what it feels like to dread telling the kids about something that will take me away from them and I also know that it works out.  There is no way I would want someone else to do it. Just like I am entitled to my feelings and time alone, so are they.