Dear moms, Just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Ilizabeth and I am the Director and Editor of a travel newsletter, Dunhill Vacation News. I basically find the best travel deals out there then negotiate with the vendors to get even better deals. I have been in this business for many years and am also a mom of two who has travelled with the kids, and dealt with leaving them at home when I have to travel on my own.

I hope to be a good resource for my fellow traveling moms’ who may want to know the best travel deals, is a hotel good or bad – good for the family, etc…feel free to ask me questions.I will proabably check this every other day. I will be sure to tell you the best deals as soon as I hear about them.

Often, I get exclusives or the deal is given to us before the put out to the public.In the mean time, I have been compiling the best holiday deals I can find. I will write that in the next post.however, to see a list of all family/holiday vacations, click here:

I hope to help as much as I can, and appreciate any and all feedback!