thebigcTonight’s Twitter party about Inspirational Travel has a certain karma for me. One of my greatest inspirations for my love of travel is my oldest sister, Marybeth, who – like The Big C’s main character – had melanoma and, unlike “Cathy Jamison,”  died from the disease in November 2009. It’s probably because of my sister I decided to take off for Australia on a whim at the age of 23, well before the Crocodile Dundee movies helped most Americans “discover” the continent.  Marybeth lived and taught in Libya during the 1970s, followed with a teaching position in Paris where I was lucky enough to visit her with my mom. I had pen friends from around the world and people from different countries passing through our home as I grew up. 

Marybeth helped me to realize from a young age that the world was big, wonderful and mine to explore. I invite you to read my latest blog post about her inspiration to me and my children, the next generation, on a post I wrote on my blog, The Eclectic Writer, titled Inspired to Travel Near and Far. Can’t wait to tweet more about inspirational travel on tonight’s TMOM Twitter Party at 9 p.m. EDT! Remember to RSVP!