greatescapeThe Indoor Water Park at the Great EscapeLiving here in the Northeast, we don’t get to outdoor water parks very often.  Recently, there have been quite a few indoor water parks opening, but they are generally open exclusively to resort guests, or are very expensive.  So, are indoor water parks worth the money?

On a recent trip to Lake George, New York, my family received complimentary tickets to the Great Escape Lodge and Indoor Water Park.  Day passes are available to the water park, but are quite expensive and based on availability.  In my opinion, visiting a water park like this is worth it, but only if your family will use it.

When considering whether to visit one with your family, consider the following:

  • Are your kids adventurous?  Will they take advantage of all of the slides?  My son, who is four and afraid of the water, just sat in the pool, something we could have done for free at the hotel pool.
  • Will you use the park all day?  If you are just going for a quick trip, check to see if there are discounted tickets for a half-day.
  • Do your kids get cold quickly?  The larger slides that go outside can get quite cold in freezing weather, and if your kids get cold, they may want to leave.
  • Are your kids too old for the park?  These slides in the indoor parks tend to be tamer than those in outdoor parks.  Older kids could get bored.

If you think you’ll like the water park, but don’t want to pay the day rate, check to see how much it is to stay in the resort.  That can often be your best deal!

Disclosure: We received free passes to the Great Escape Water Park.