jersey_shoreI have never seen the reality show Jersey Shore.  And yet I know all about Snookie, and The Situation. I know about the loud parties, and the tacky outfits, and the muscle men.  I know about the very, very high hair. And I’m headed there this weekend.

My kids are leaving for camp this weekend, and if I stay home, I know I will just stare at my husband and sob.  So when the inivitation to visit friends on Long Beach Island in NJ came up — I jumped at the chance.


My friend Sheryl, who invited me, grew up on Staten Island.  Which , for those of you not from the NY area, is also known as The Forgotten Boro. It is also the Jersey Shore of NY City. Whereas Manhattan is chic and urbane, S. I. is  high hair, pumped muscles, thick accents,and  long nails with decals and rhinstones. Sounds like the urban Jersey Shore to me.  Sheryl assures me, however, that where they are on the Shore, it’s more wilderness than wildness.


No crazy boardwalk.  No keg parties along the beach.  Just peace and quiet.

Of course if there’s too much peace and quiet we’ll all just stare at each other and sob about our newly departed (for camp) children.  So I’m kinda hoping that there will be a little bit of tacky sightseeing to be done.  A bit of a Situation.  And while I’m not interested in a keg on the boardwalk, I’m bringing along a bottle of bubbly to help me get through my first weekend without the kids.