lv-carryall-bagShe’s going to want to take it on a trip…
and if she goes on a trip, she’ll want to go to Paris…
and if she goes to Paris, she’ll want to stay at The Ritz…
and if she stays at The Ritz, she’ll want a view of the Eiffel Tower
and if she has a view, she won’t get any sleep because of the twinkly lights
and if she’s sleepy in the morning she’ll be grumpy
and if she’s grumpy, it won’t matter, because she has no children to bother her
and if she has no children to bother her, she’ll just go back to sleep
and if she sleeps in, she’ll be in a happy mood
and if she’s in a happy mood, she’ll want to go shopping
and if she goes shopping, she’ll want to shop for shoes
and if she shops for shoes, she’ll want to go to The Bon Marche
and if she goes to The Bon Marche, she’ll want to have lunch on the left bank
and if she has lunch on the left bank, she’ll want to eat at Le Deaux Magots
and if she eats at Le Deaux Magots in her fancy new shoes, a handsome Parisian man might say hello
and if a handsome Parisian man says hello, momma might feel sexy and forget she has children
and if momma feels sexy and forgets she has children, she might want to go on a trip