AMNHLooking for something different to do in NYC with your kids this weekend?  How about going to Identification Day at the American Museum of Natural History.  Saturday (May 22) the International Day of Biodiversity.

You know all those things your kid picks up in the back yard?  Well he or she can bring them in to find out what they are.  Kind of like Antiques Roadshow for kids. Scientists and AMNH staff will be there identifying the shells, rocks, insects, feathers, bones, and artifacts brought by visitors. Hey, maybe your kid will find out that really cool rock he found is a fossil…or a really old piece of gum.

Plus, there will presentations from Museum scientists highlighting the importance of biodiversity.  Entomologist Louis Sorkin will discuss and display many of the insects and arachnids housed at the Museum, ornithologist Paul Sweet will speak about why continuing to collect specimens is crucial to our understanding of avian biodiversity, and ichthyologist Radford Arrindell will discuss documenting fish biodiversity.

Haven’t you seen the animal tableaux enough times already?  Try something new.  Check it out.

What: Identification Day at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC

When: Today (Sat. May 22nd)

How Much: Free with museum admission