terrace room picFor my son’s second birthday, my husband and I decided to take the kids on an overnight adventure to nearby Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to enjoy the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, and the Carnegie Science Center.   If you have kids and will be visiting Pittsburgh, both, along with the Pittsburgh Zoo are highly recommended.

With my son’s long list of food allergies, we normally worry about travel and hotels but there was absolutely no need for this trip! 

At dinner we ate at McCormick and Schmick’s, usually something that would be off our list with my son, however, after speaking with the hostess regarding his allergies we decided to give it a try.  Our server was fantastic about ensuring that my sons food was cooked in a separate pan, (he had the pasta, dry) and even brought us a fresh fruit mix for both the kids in place of the usual ice cream that kid’s meals are served with in its place.  The result was THE best dining experience we’ve ever had with two toddlers. 

We were also lucky enough to stay at the Omni William Penn Hotel.  At breakfast in the Terrace Room, we again were blessed with a server who not only informed the chef of our son’s allergies, but worked with the rest of the kitchen staff to ensure he got a special breakfast so he did not have to eat the same dry cereal he is normally stuck with.  (Note, for those with gluten indolence’s or allergies, the Terrace Room’s breakfast buffet contains a great selection of gluten-free breads and rolls for your enjoyment.)

All, in all, this was one of our best trips ever.  Made much more fun by being able to dine out with ease!