No, this isn’t a love story. Sorry to trick all you romantics into reading my blog. (Hey, it’s a competitive blogosphere out there!  A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do . . .)

What I meant is, I FINALLY found a rental home, the next nest for my daughters and me. We are moving from Southern California in about two weeks, my home for the last 23 years, up to Northern California, and I have been consumed with nothing else but trying to find a place for us to live in up there. (That’s why you haven’t heard from me in awhile.) It’s quite a grueling process, this relocation thing. Especially when you’re way down south and all the available homes are being toured and swooped up by cut-throat renters up north.  I had to rely on my sisters to look at homes for me and give me their recommendations.  They’re both realtors, so they knew what to look for.

People are losing their homes in record numbers these days, but I can tell you first-hand that there is no shortage of available and motivated renters — and you can include me in that group. I was at the new Harry Potter movie last night and ticket holders were literally running into the theaters to grab the best seats. That’s precisely what the home rental market is like right now:  Too many renters, not enough decent homes to go around.


But I got lucky.  I got the home that everyone wanted. Not sure why, but the owner liked me best.  Because so many families wanted this particular home, I thought it best to hedge my bets, so I also applied for another home – the only one on the market with a pool – and I was approved for that one, too. 

I couldn’t figure out what to do!  Should I get the house with the pool and Jacuzzi, or the home that feeds into the area’s best schools?  One side of me wanted the pool home.  It’s bigger and more impressive, and I thought it would be the perfect way to lure people over for BBQs and family time.

But then, my daughters going to good schools was the most important consideration, in the end. So we’re moving in to the smaller home with only grass in the back yard, and $200 less rent a month.

The way I look at it, not only will I be saving a little money, but I’ll be saving myself the embarrassment of having to parade around my home in a bathing suit the rest of the summer, too.