max partystore sm april2010When you have a child with Autism, you think about the future.  A lot. You hope as your child gets older that things will get easier, behaviour will become more manageable and that most of all, your child will progress.  What that progress will look like, nobody can guarantee.  But on many days, it’s the dreams of things to come that keep you going.One of the very special things about my family is that my husband and my son share a birthday and the following week, my daughter and I share a birthday.  That’s four birthdays in a one week span.  Right now we just hold onto our hats and have a huge party for the lot of us.  It’s fun for sure, but I have often thought that a family vacation for birthday week would be a wonderful family tradition.

The first place I want to go on our “Annual Birthdaypalooza” will be Disney World.  It isn’t that I personally think my husband and I will have a blast in the land of Mickey and Minnie, but what an experience for the kids! We’d stay at the hotel in the park of course, and maybe the grandparents would join us.   For a trip like this to be possible we will have to get Max to a point where he doesn’t bolt, have meltdowns for no apparent (to us) reason, and can handle sleeping somewhere other than his own bed.  We’re a ways off to say the least.

Part of making this a great vacation (one day) will be making sure we have a solid plan for Max.  The flight from Toronto to Florida is short, so that shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.  From what I understand Disney World is fairly good at accommodating those with special needs, which is important to know before planning a trip with Max.   We will have to create a social story for him, with pictures of how we are going to get there, what the room will look like, where we will eat, the monorail…it actually boggles my mind to think about how much prep work will go into this. 

Birthdaypalooza 2010 will be in the comfort of our backyard, but maybe Birthdaypalooza 2012 or 2013 will be at Disneyworld.  Until then, happy birthday(s) to my crew!