hushamok.jpgWhy do you need a Hushamok baby hammock? Well, travelling with kids is an art, and travelling with colicky, hard to soothe to sleep babies is a high art. It’s not for the meek. The last thing you need to deal with upon hotel/motel check-in is figuring out where the baby will sleep. IF the baby will sleep. It’s enough to make you hole up for good in the casa. Unless you have a Hushamok.

The Spanish Explorers slept in hammocks, and now your baby can too. Not only is the Hushamok a practical alternative to a standard bassinet, it is also handy for travel as the entire set up breaks down and stores in a case smaller than your standard porta-crib. It’s better looking too. The organic cotton hammock comes in several colors that pair with a stand (choose from wood or metal options) to set up in a snap. Your little one will be gently swaying in no time.

We tested the Hushamok on our one month old and found he loved the gentle swaying motion. He slept longer in the hushamok than a stationary bassinet (and sleeping through the night is the goat folks!). Additional health benefits of the Hushamok include less reflux due to the slightly inclined position of the hammock, and a reduction in the symptoms of colic. Hammocks help prevent the ever-unpopular flat head syndrome that many babies sport as a result of sleeping on a more solid surface. We like our little one’s round noggin! Researchers also believe that hammocks may reduce the incidence of SIDs when used as directed.

Which all goes to show, that your baby is never too little to be labelled a swinger. You’ll find Hushamoks sold at one of these retailers.