chuysI wasn’t extremely excited about my first trip to Texas.  I only looked forward to seeing my husband’s family (my husband was still my boyfriend at the time although really we were both too old to be referring to each other as boy or girl anything).

However, the day after we arrived my future husband began taking me to all his favorite restaurants. I had never experienced such a variety of food that was given so generously to patrons combined with extremely low prices.

breakfast_klubWe visited Guadalajara and Chuy’s which served us the best and cheapest Mexican food I have ever tasted. Barry’s served up pizza, pasta and fresh, soft, buttery bread. We went to the Breakfast Klub for traditional Southern breakfasts. Yes, you can eat fried catfish for breakfast and sometimes it’s ok to have butter be the most abundant thing on your plate. We also ate breakfast at The Empire Cafe which serves delicious egg dishes complete with healthy portions of roma tomatoes and pesto. We ate our way through numerous Indian, BBQ, Chinese (Yao Ming’s restaurant is fantastic), Thai, Seafood (the Gulf Coast is only an hour away), Mediterranean, and Japanese restaurants. We strayed from my husband’s favorite places and began pulling into any restaurant that caught our eye. We always left satisfied with our meal. Despite the tremendous varieties of restaurants in Houston, my favorite is Kenny & Ziggy’s. This restaurant takes the New York deli experience to a whole new level (as a former New Yorker I feel a bit like a traitor writing that). Each time we traveled to Houston, I created a list of all the places we had to eat before leaving. Not one restaurant on my list ever disappointed me.

There are many things to do in Houston but before you visit, check out the restaurant reviews and create your own list. After making your way through it, you’ll vow to return.


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